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Shopping FTD.com has always been convenient, but now there are additional services offered that make ordering faster and easier than ever before.

A Personal FTD.com Account is flexible and simple to use.

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1. Discounts and Promotions

Who doesn't love lower prices? As a member, you'll be eligible for discounts and promotions only enjoyed by our preferred customers.

2. A Free Reminder Service

In these hurried times it's easy to forget important occasions and appointments. When you register unlimited personal, holiday, and business reminders, this interactive feature won't let you forget these important dates. As a member, you:

  • will receive e-mail reminders for each specified date.
  • may edit and view your personal reminder account at any time.
  • will receive interactive monthly calendars which feature occasions and appointments that must be remembered.
  • will enjoy an automatic renewal of your reminder account.
  • may access and print your monthly calendars at any time.

3. A Free Online Address Book

Entering and storing your family, friends, and business associates in your personal Address Book makes ordering a breeze. Forget re-entering a name or address over and over again: Every time you place a new order we'll automatically transfer the name and address right to the order form. In addition to this feature, your personal Address Book lets you apply shopping lists and other important information to each individual name.

4. A Record of Your Previous Purchases

Compiled for your quick reference, this personal ongoing record keeps track of when, and to whom, each product was sent. You'll never have to worry about sending the same gift to the same person.

5. Automatic Entry of Billing and Delivery Information

Talk about convenience; since our site stores your billing and delivery information with your account, it's automatically transferred to the order form each time you order. You never have to enter the same person or address twice, and you're welcome to view or edit someone's data anytime you sign in.

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